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Punarvivah - Episode 32

Satyendra fears that the Scindia family would break the alliance, if they learn about the hidden truth. He, therefore, requests Aarti to change her decision. A concerned Satyendra asks Aarti to make up her mind to get married to Yash. He asks Shobha to follow him outside and leave Aarti alone. Gayatri gets worried as the mahurat was approaching and Aarti has not yet arrived in the mandap. Surajpratap fears that the guests would star gossiping, if Aarti does not come on time. Pankaj asks Vidhi to get Aarti downstairs for the ceremony. Vidhi is about to leave when Yash stops her and offers to go get Aarti to the mandap. Shobha and Satyendra get worried and wonder what Aarti's decision would be. At that time, Yash arrives and enquires about Aarti. When the door opens, Shobha and Satyendra are relieved to see Aarti dressed up in bridal attire. When Yash enters Aarti's room, he questions her whether she wanted to speak something important to him. Before Aarti could reveal the truth, Vidhi and Gayatri arrive. Vidhi tells Yash that as per the customs he should not talk to Aarti before they get married. When pundit calls Aarti's parents to perform her kanyadaan, Arpita's mother asks Shobha and Satyendra to go ahead and perform the ritual. Aarti and Yash perform their wedding rituals. Tears run down Aarti's face when Yash applies sindoor on her forehead. Pratik and Paridi too perform their wedding rituals. While Pratik and Paridi look happy and excited, Yash and Aarti look solemn each reminiscing the moments spent with their ex-partners. Aarti makes up her mind to reveal the truth to Yash during the bidaai ceremony. #zeetv #zeetvshow

второе свадьба индийский

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