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Wedding Dress Cake (how to decorate) - Renee Romeo

How to decorate a wedding dress cake for a bridal shower. I will take you through the process of how to decorate a wedding dress cake in this video. This cake is for the special bride in your life. Everyone will appreciate the extra effort put into baking and decorating this beautiful and unique bridal shower cake. By using a combination of vanilla fondant and white buttercream icing over the top of dark chocolate cake, it will be delicious too! How difficult is it to make? Anyone can assemble and decorate this cake. I am using a beginner fondant kit that contains cutters and tools to shape fondant. If you don’t have this kit, you can use a simple butter knife or pizza cutting tool for all of the fondant used on the dress. I want to make this process easy for you. I will give you my tips for achieving perfect results on your bridal shower cake. You can also purchase ready-made fondant and you will make quick work of decorating this cake. Watch me as I take you through all the potential pitfalls of this project to make sure that you are a success with yours! Was the bride thrilled? My future niece loves this cake. By using her bridal party colors, it ties directly in to her bridal shower decor. Fondant and buttercream icings are very easy to tint to the correct color. Literally, any color of the rainbow can be made for decorations on a cake. Many tinting charts are available online to help you with your color choices. This cake may look fragile but it isn’t. You will be able to drive a 450 mile trip and present a cake that hasn’t slid apart or broken apart. I will also teach you about great infrastructure. The DIY site that teaches you how to do everything around your home.

невеста из Елба

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