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11 Facts About Solomon Islands You Need To Know

credits : https://constative.com/facts-file/random-facts/11-random-facts-about-solomon-islands music : Island - MBB - Royalty Free Music By MUZILAND https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1mI3RYVyttE 11 Random Facts About Solomon Islands You Need To Know Solomon Islands Wellington Community performing a cultural item Solomon Islands is a nation of hundreds of islands in the South Pacific. Here are some basics facts about Solomon Islands, the island is known for its scuba diving and WWII era relics.  Some of its well known diving destinations are the Marovo Lagoon and Iron Bottom Sound.  These two areas are known to be littered with dozens of sunken warships.  Melanesian ethnic group makes up 94.5% of the population. Capital:                          Honiara Currency:                     Solomon Islands dollar Population:                 561,231 (2013) World Bank Monarch:                     Elizabeth II Continent:                   Oceania Government:              Unitary Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy Governor General:  Frank Kabui Prime Minister:        Manasseh Sogavare Random Facts About Solomon Islands SEE ALSO: 14 Random Facts About Saint Vincent And The Grenadines Here are 11 more random facts about Solomon Islands that will interest you. 1. NAME FROM MISTAKE The island nation got its name from a mistake.  Spanish explorer Alvaro de Neira visited the island and found some gold.  This made him think that Biblical King Solomon must have got the gold with which he built his temple from this island.  So he named the island after King Solomon. 2. VILLAGE DWELLERS Only those with paid employment live in and around the capital city Honiara.  85% of the total population of Solomon Island lives in villages.  And, of course, the growth rate of the population is only just about 3.5% percent. 3. THE COAT OF ARMS The coat of arms displays three things which could be termed funny as representative of a people's symbol.  They are: A crocodile, a shark, a crown, an eagle, a turtle, a war shield, and some fighting spears.  The first two animals are upholding the crown, representing government.  The leaders of independence came up with these random things after the many ethnic groups failed to reach an agreement on symbolism. SEE ALSO: 10 Interesting Facts About Russia You'll Like To Know 4. MANY LANGUAGES Every ethnic group has its own distinctive language.  And there are over seventy languages.  That means a population of just above 589,800 has over seventy ethnic groups and equal number of languages.  Wow, right? 5. NO TOILETS In the villages, houses do not have toilets in.  The toilets are all outside, one for the women and one for the men.  However, in the towns, houses tend to be western-style bungalows of three bedrooms with toilets in.  This is seen as infracting the village traditions. 6. HOME/HOUSES ARRANGEMENTS Large villages in rural areas are usually situated on tribal land. Like many other societies, villages comprise several individual families.  And family houses are usually in an arrangement of relatives having their homes next to each other. 7. TRADITIONALISTS ABOUND In some places (like the kwaio mountains on Malaita), traditional worship is still the order.  In such places, men's houses are built separate from the family house.  This is probably because, in traditional religions, there are many taboos that could be contravened easily. 8. MENSES/BIRTH HOUSE In such small settlements where traditional worships are still practiced, separate huts are built for things considered by traditional worship to be impure.  The separate huts are called bisi and they are the places women go during menses and child birth. SEE ALSO: 10 Amazing Facts About Malaysia You Need To Know 9. DIFFERENT BREAKFASTS On the number nine facts about Solomon Islands, in the urban areas, breakfast tends to be distinguished by the financial status of the family.  For the family with limited income, breakfast is usually tea with left over from last night.  For the rich urban family, Breakfast is usually tea or coffee with bread rolls or biscuits. 10. BIG MEALS FOR OCCASIONS There is a saying on the island that goes, "Everyone who goes to a feast must expect to eat."  Feasts are very special occasions on the island.  So time is usually taken to make the preparations and get as food as needed ready to feed all. 11. LAND OWNERSHIP On Solomon Islands, there is a general traditional notion that the people do not own the land; the land owns the people.   Going by this, 85% of the land is managed under customary tenure. What that means is that local clans and members of clan groups have control over it.

жених из Темпл-Сити

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