жених из Клейтон

Wildest Wedding Ever. Kane & Pia Meuhlenbeck

*currently in Hawaii Last week I Had the pleasure of attending & filming my good friends Kane Vato & Pia Meuhlenbeck wedding. they are amazing people and I am so happy for them. to watch their full movie please click this link - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LHXNqbstdq0&t=632s it was so awesome surrounding myself with so many amazing people & amazing creators. I wanted to wait for them to post their video first before posting mine. my next weekly video will still go up next Monday AEDT 7am.  The Daily Living RAW. I feel like I want to document more BTS moments. I love the idea behind posting these raw & random experiences to create a memory that I will be able watch in the future. just for fun.

жених из Клейтон

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