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Apollo Nida's Fiance Responds to Kandi Exposing Phaedra's Cheating on Real Housewives of Atlanta

Apollo Nida's new fiance, Sherien Al Mufti, definitely had some feelings about what Kandi Burruss had to say about Phaedra's secrets. She took to Instagram (as usual) to share how she felt about the situation. To recap, Kandi had exposed Phaedra for cheating on Apollo with Mr. Chocolate. And for planning to be married by 2017. She also said Phaedra hired bodyguards even though she claimed not to be bothered by the "bomb threat". Blog: http://lailahlynn.com/apollo-nidas-fiance-responds-to-kandi-exposing-phaedras-cheating-on-real-housewives-of-atlanta/ Email: lailah@lailahlynn.com

жених из Норман

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